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The Maritime Alps It is here that the Alps and the Mediterranean meet and mix; they merge creating a single thing, where the feet of the mountains are surrounded by warm foam and the
Animals in the Park In a relatively small space the Maritime Alps host an exceptional concentration of animal and plant species, making the Park a real biodiversity hot-spot.
The flora of Alpi Marittime Park Italy has more floral species than any other European country, and the Maritime Alps is one of the richest territories for floral biodiversity.
A world in five pictures What makes the Alpi Marittime stand out? We'll try to answer this question with five emblematic pictures of this part of the Alps.
In the park
Lakes in the Maritime Alps
From our peaks you can sometimes see the sea on the horizon, it is set off beautifully by the wealth of lakes found in these mountains.
The Chamois
An unmistakeable outline and an unrivalled elegance as it runs over rocks and snow, the chamois has been the symbol of Alpi Marittime ...
Valderia Botanic Gardens
The botanic gardens Valderia is located at Terme di Valdieri, in Valle Gesso, right in the heart of the Alpi Marittime. Valderia ...
Kings and Queens in Valle Gesso
Love at first sight between the House of Savoy and the Maritime Alps. It happened on 29 August 1855, when the princes Vittorio Emanuele ...
Fortification in the Maritime Alps
Armies of every nation have trodden the ancient paths over these mountains, building new ones and leaving behind bunkers, forts ...

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