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From the king's quarry to symbol of the Park

The Chamois

An adult chamois.

The alpine Chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra) is the symbol of this protected area. It is the only ungulate never to have disappeared from the Park territory: its distribution over the area is uneven and depends on the season and environmental conditions, but in this part of the Alps there is a particularly high density. In spring, in areas where the snow has cleared leaving fresh green grass, we find chamois grazing. Later they climb to their summer pastures.
The males, unlike the females and young, lead a solitary life and tend to be found lower down. Autumn is the "rut" season and is the only time the two sexes live together.

We carry out a census of chamois every year, on the basis of which it is possible to estimate the size of the population and variations over time. Thanks to the good state of health of the chamois population and the numbers which are estimated to be around 4000, we have been able to capture animals for repopulating other areas in the Alps where this species was absent or poorly represented. Chamois have been the subject of numerous university studies, both in Italy and abroad.

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