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Parco naturale delle Alpi Marittime's Nature Guides

Bagnasco Laura

Apparently after “mummy” and “daddy” little Laura Bagnasco's first words, with her hands covered in soil, were "rock" and "stone". In the misdirected attempt to make a living digging through rocks and soil she became a geologist in 2011, got a masters in archeology and then qualified as a nature guide. Today she is a GeoArcheoNaturalist: a non-existent profession, but very useful if you want to discover the hidden side of our planet.
Telephone: +39 333 5205654

Belzuino Ennio

Ennio says: "I travelled day and night in far-off countries to see open seas and great mountains. I didn't have eyes for the wonders on my doorstep, the dew drop on an ear of wheat. Whenever I "travel" in the Park valleys, full of hidden or more visible treasures, the emotions are strong. Come and discover them with me".
Telephone: 338 2461123

Borgna Irene

Irene migrated from Liguria on the unlikely pretext of a thesis on Alpine anthropology, eventually she ran out of excuses for staying in Valle Gesso. However she found some excellent reasons to stay: the people, the mountains. To carry on wandering over the Alps the best solution she could find was to become a nature guide. This is a sad case. Please help her: let yourselves be led off the beaten track.
Telephone: +39 338 8901118

Brao Giovanni

Giovanni is a local, in love with "his" Valle Gesso. He became a nature guide to help people discover the countless natural and cultural aspects of this area. He is a geologist by trade and can explain simply the complex morphology and geology of the Maritime Alps.
Telephone: +39 347 4545776

Brignone Romina

A great passion for the environment around her led her to become a nature guide. Her priority is to share her love for the mountains, guiding clients on the paths in the Maritime Alps to discover the botanic wonders and animal life.
Telephone: +39 347 2241296

Dogliotti Marco

A passion for the outdoor life, an attention to nature around us, an interest in the culture and traditions of the mountain folk - all these are important sources of inspiration and cause for reflection for Marco. It follows that his life philosophy is simple, linked to the territory he lives in and the values it offers. All this becomes the subject of discussion, of messages and information for those who want to come closer and listen to the voice of Nature.
Telephone: +39 338 3223089

Milanesio Barbara

She has been fascinated by flowers and plants, their colours and perfumes from an early age. Later she learnt to recognise them, study them and their therapeutic and culinary properties with a degree as a herbalist and a diploma in naturopathy. Walking the Park's paths with her is the best way to discover the traditional uses of common plants and herbal remedies.
Telephone: +39 345 2916287

Pockaj Roberto

Nature Guide since 2003, a keen photographer with an interest in military fortifications, he also works on guide books and hiking maps. On his website you will find a rich choice of one-day outings, longer hikes and photography courses. He will guide in English upon request.
Telephone: +39 338 7185495

Politano Paola

I'd be happy to take you to places where nature is at its best, enchanting visitors with its many beauties; air, water and earth that over the millennia have created magic combinations and fantastic scenery. Humans too, have played their part modelling the landscape and leaving traces that we can now follow.
Telephone: +39 0171 611268 / +39 370 7072781

Sorrentino Luisa

A mountain lover for twenty years, time in which she has gained an excellent knowledge of the territory, becoming a nature guide in 2005. She offers environmental education from kindergarten to secondary school level and guides in the Maritime Alps to help you discover their natural and cultural heritage.
Telephone: +39 347 9399046

Tonello Davide

Davide became a guide with the intention of helping visitors to Parco Naturale Alpi Marittime to discover a territory rich in history, environmental treasures and traditions.
Telephone: +39 338 1169642

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