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Beyond tradition

Economy and culture

...the times are changing...(G. Cavagnino/PNAM)

Thinking of the Alps it is easy to fall into the trap of describing a place where culture, traditional activities and local identity have remained intact, as though the mountains acted as a safety barrier from modernisation and globalisation.

In reality today's Alps are fully up to speed (the people, ideas, technology,...) with the rest of Europe and the World. What is really interesting is to observe how the mountains have changed and how they will change in the future both economically and culturally...

Traditional architecture

Building with what you have

If you stop to listen to it, traditional architecture has a long story to tell about mountain people and their relationship with the alpine environment.

Tourism in the Maritime Alps

From the hunter king's holidays to smash and grab tourism

The Maritime Alps have long been the Cinderellas of the Alps: having to wait before they found admirers...


Skills that are lost and skills that are rediscovered

In the past some activities that we now consider local crafts were not professions as such: they were common skills handed down from generation to generation.

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