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Skills that are lost and skills that are rediscovered


Wood, skill, patience, a good ear: what it takes to make an accordion! P.Karstrom)

In the past some activities that we now consider local crafts were not professions as such: they were common skills handed down from generation to generation. It was common for people to know how to make small pieces of furniture, tools, and baskets. It fitted in perfectly with the idea of self-sufficiency and home-made goods in an economy where raw materials, (especially wood and stone) were plentiful and money was scarce.

"Make as much as you can yourself, only buy if it is strictly necessary" was an obbligatory motto for a long time. Today, going back to making things by hand and using local raw materials is an ecological and economic choice which is taking hold more and more.

In the Park, there are traces of ancient artisanal knowledge in the trade of the famous Vernante knife makers and in the skill of a sculptor, who with passion and patience has learnt a long forgotten craft of turning a tree into music, making diatonic button accordions...

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