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The Park Council

The Council with the former President, Barale (third from the left)

Among its various functions the Council approves the budget, and the Park's annual and multiannual programmes, it adopts the planning and scheduling instruments required by law and by the protected area's statute. It expresses the necessary political opinions.

According to art. 15 comma 11 of Regional Law no. 19 of 29 June 2009 the Council's validity is linked to that of the Regional Council. Members may be re-elected.

The council for Alpi Marittime Protected Areas governing body was nominated by the following decree Decreto del Presidente della Giunta Regionale del 7 marzo 2016, n. 22 according to the nominations by the Protected Areas' community and the councils whose territory comprises more than 25% of the protected areas.

The council is composed of:

  • Paolo Salsotto, acting president, nominated by the President of the Regional Council.
  • Andreino Ponzo, vicepresident, membro designato dalla Comunità dell'area protetta.
  • Armando Erbì representative of the environmental associations.
  • Ivano Di Giambattista, nominated by Valdieri local council.
  • Roberto Gosso, nominated by Entracque local council.
  • Federico Lemut, nominated by the protected area community
  • Franco Parola, nominated by the farmers' association.

Photo, from the left: Lemut, Ponzo, Barale, Salsotto, Parola, Di Giambattista, Gosso.

Page updated 13 October 2016

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