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European Charter for Sustainable Tourism

The renewal certificate of the Charter

In 2001 Parco naturale delle Alpi Marittime was the first Park in Italy to receive the Carta Europea del Turismo Sostenibile from Europarc Federation. This is an important certification as it is also a tool for developing tourism using environmentally sustainable criteria. This aim must necessarily involve local administrations and stakeholders, which is precisely what Alpi Marittime did, experimenting locally to test procedures which helped to define the Charter. The writing process began in 1996, ten European protected areas, including our Park were pilots. Also involved were representatives of the local stakeholders and tourism professionals in the context of an EU Life project, conducted by the federation on French Regional Parks on behalf of Europarc.

The Charter provides for the adoption of a Strategy and action plan for sustainable tourism agreed and formalized in the course of meetings with local public and private stakeholders. It is precisely because the Charter identifies a gradual and continuous process of improvement of sustainable development policies, that every five years after it is awarded, Europarc experts carry out the evaluation of the results achieved. Where the results are found to be positive, certification is renewed for a further five years, with new commitments to be pursued. Which is what happened both in 2006 and 2011.

Marittime's first renewal of the Charter was particularly significant in that Europarc also granted it to the neighbouring Mercantour Park . Afterwards the two twinned protected areas adopted a common action plan for protection and sustainable development. A move that broadened our scope and is giving the first practical results with the development of cross-border tourism products and the collaboration between businesses on both sides.

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