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Alpi Marittime in numbers

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A taste of the Marittime: Gelas seen from the Lagarot di Fenestrelle (N. Villani/PNAM)

28,000 hectares of alpine territory that Parco delle Alpi Marittime protects and enhances.
33,000 hectares included in the Natura 2000 SCI/SPA IT1160056 Alpi Marittime site.
3 valleys in the Park: Gesso, Vermenagna and Stura.
5 municipalities whose territory is partially in the protected area: Aisone, Entracque, Valdieri, Vernante, Roaschia.
35 kilometres of contact between the borders of Parco delle Alpi Marittime and Parc du Mercantour.

24 peaks over 3,000 metres; all panoramic view-points over the Mediterranean.
7 glaciers, the southernmost in the Alps.
80 glacial lakes and 3 artificial reservoirs, ranging from a few square metres to several hectares.
49% of the Park is covered by rock, scree and glaciers.
23% is woodland.
17% of the territory is made up of meadows and pasture.

4,000 chamois (average).
550 ibex (average).
6 species of ungulate besides chamois and ibex we also find: roe deer, wild boar, red deer and mouflon.
10 (around) wolves frequent the Park valleys. Other carnivores equally hard to see are: badgers, foxes, pine martens, beech martens, least weasel and stoats.
20 species of bat counted, representing three quarters of the species known in Piedmont.
200 bird species observed; among these about a hundred nest here.
63 European priority bird species, among which 8 nesting raptor species.
3 species of Alpine Galliformes: snow partridge, black grouse and rock partridge.
10 pairs of golden eagles.
41 bearded vultures released between 1993 and 2012 at the Alpi Marittime-Mercantour release sites.
5 fish species living in some of the lakes and rivers: brown trout, marble trout, rainbow trout, bullheads and minnows.
9,000 species of invertebrate, recent studies in Alpi Marittime and Mercantour, have brought to light 30 new species.
300 species of spider** counted in Alpi Marittime, 2 formerly unclassified.

1,800 higher plant species corresponding to over 30% of the Italian flora.
10 endemic species with a limited distribution (only found in the Maritime Alps). Among the better known are: Saxifraga florulenta, Viola valderia, Primula allionii.
40 orchid species of the 90 or so found in Italy.
780 species of mushroom.
140 species of lichen, corresponding to 12% of the species known in Piedmont.
80% of the woods on the mountainsides are made up of beech.
5% of the forests are conifers: silver fir, spruce, larch, Swiss pine, and mountain pine.
500 species on show in the botanic gardens “Valderia” at Terme di Valdieri.

3 prehistoric sites: the grotte di Aisone, grotte del Bandito, and the necropolis in Valdieri.
3 former royal hunting lodges which belonged to the House of Savoy.
3 rye thatched roofs rebuilt using traditional techniques at the Rye Ecomuseum.
100 military constructions (bunkers, barracks, …).
10 alpine refuges.
7 bivouac huts.
over 400 kilometres of waymarked paths.
1 hydroelectric plant, one of the biggest in Europe.

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