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How, when and why

The Park's foundation and aims

Guards at work: protection and conservation start with field work (A. Rivelli/PNAM).

Parco Naturale delle Alpi Marittime, instituted 29 June, 2009 by the Regional Law n°19 and subsequent modifications ("consolidation act for the management of natural areas and biodiversity") is a managing body of Piedmont Region with a separate legal status regarding public law.

The body has management competencies, according the conditions laid out in article 12 of regional law n° 19, over the following protected areas' territories:
- Parco Naturale delle Alpi Marittime;
- Riserva Naturale delle Grotte del Bandito;
- Riserva Naturale di Rocca San Giovanni-Saben.
Moreover the body is responsible for management of the Site of Community Importance , Special Protection Area IT 1160056 Alpi Marittime, competence attributed by DGR 36-13220 of 8 February 2010.

In addition to the general principles indicated in article 1 of Regional Law 12/1990, the Park's institutional aims are as follows:
-to protect and conserve the natural, environmental and scenic characteristics of the Park territory, also in relation to the social use of these aspects;
-to promote and organise the territory for educational, cultural, scientific and recreational uses;
-to guarantee the safeguard and care of the area's assets;
-to promote and enhance agriculture, silviculture and pastoralism;
-to improve the economic and social conditions of the resident population, promoting improvements in living and working conditions. With regards to the villages in the Park, to encourage experiments with environmentally compatible economic ventures, suited to the needs of the mountain areas;
-to protect and enhance the flora and fauna present in the area.

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