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A signboard marking the Park boundary.

Parco naturale delle Alpi Marittime was established by the Regional Law n. 33 of 14 March 1995. This defined the union of two existing protected areas: Parco naturale dell’Argentera and Riserva naturale del Bosco e dei Laghi di Palanfré.

With the Regional Law n. 19 of 29 June 2009 entitled Consolidation Act for the protection of natural areas and biodiversity the entire system of ​​environmental protection and management in the Piedmont area was redefined. Among other provisions, managing bodies for the protected areas were identified: in this case the board of management of Alpi Marittime Nature Park , which is also responsible for the Riserva naturale di Rocca San Giovanni-Saben. A partial integration and modification of the previous measure, came with the Regional law n. 16 of 3 August 2011, which among other things entrusts management of the newly created Riserva naturale delle Grotte del Bandito in the Municipality of Roaschia, to Alpi Marittime Nature Park.
Piedmont Region has subsequently approved further modifications to the Consolidation Act (Lr 5/2012 and lr 11/2013).

Significant changes to the regional protected area system were introduced with the passing of the Law n. 19 of 3 August 2015 There were a number of new provisions, but probably the most important was the reduction in number of governing bodies. We have seen the formation of the Governing body of the Alpi Marittime protected areas which from 1 January 2016 which will administer new areas beyond the Gesso Vermenagna and Stura valleys, including Parco naturale del Marguareis, the Riserve naturali dei Ciciu del Villar, sorgenti del Belbo, Crava Morozzo, the Grotte di Bossea and Benevagienna.

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