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Simple rules for a harmonious time in the mountains

Take nothing,
except photographs.

leave nothing behind,
but our footprints.

kill nothing,
if not time in a pleasant way.

//Take nothing away,
other than memories. / / '

The rules of conduct in the Park could be summarized in these reflections, combined with common sense that should guide anyone entering a protected natural environment. However, there are specific prohibitions that every visitor should adhere to strictly .

Arms and hunting
No hunting is allowed in the park, nor can you bring weapons, ammunition, explosives or any means of capturing wildlife \ \

Motor vehicles
Driving or riding motor vehicles off-road is forbidden over the whole of the Park territory it is also forbidden to drive or ride on roads closed to transit, paths and trails, except authorized vehicles. \ \

Dogs are allowed in the towns along the municipal and provincial roads and on some marked trails, where they must however be kept on a leash.
Download the map with the routes where dogs are allowed on a leash.

Lighting fires on the ground is prohibited at any time of year. Camping stoves and braziers are allowed in specifically designated public picnic areas.

It is prohibited to alter or modify in any way the natural living conditions of the animals.

Insects, amphibians and molluscs
The collection, removal or voluntary killing of any species of insect, mollusc or amphibian, is always prohibited.

Protection of flora
You must not damage or destroy plants of any species and type, agricultural and forestry work excluded, it is also forbidden to kill or damage trees that have a particular environmental, scientific or urban value.

Mushrooms and wild flowers
Picking, removing, damaging, and possession of mushrooms, flowers and shrubs is regulated by specific regional laws.

Collection of woodland products
The collection, removal, damage, or possession of any product of the forest is regulated by Regional Law 2 November 1982, n. 32.

Disturbing the peace and natural habitats
The use of radios and televisions, music players and things producing sounds of various kinds, is forbidden outside the identified picnic areas, in order not to disturb the tranquility of the natural environment and the animals.

Rocks and Minerals**
Removing rocks or minerals is forbidden, with the exception of authorized scientific collections.

Photographic work, both professional and amateur is prohibited, when it disturbs or causes an objective danger for animals breeding or nesting.

Washing dishes and vehicles
It is forbidden to wash dishes in running or still water. Washing of vehicles is forbidden along the waterways, near the springs, waterfalls, lakes and still water.

Temporary prohibitions of access**

The park may temporarily prevent access to specific and limited areas, marked with appropriate signage, for silvicultural and/or wildlife purposes.
The guidelines on how to behave in a Park are summarized in the 'manifesto' mentioned in the introductory part of this section, together with common sense that should help anyone entering a protected natural environment.

At present the Park Regulations are being revised, for an adaptation to the new territorial situation. A number of restrictions and prohibitions are in force, these are mainly contained in the regional laws n. 32 of 1982 and the following additions e n.16 of 1987 that every visitor must adhere to strictly.

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