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Alpi Marittime Mercantour: un mondo senza frontiere

The photographs and text in this volume couldn't hope to present all the aspects of this enormous space between the Tenda and Maddalena passes, between the Piedmontese plains and the Mediterranean. Nor does it attempt to illustrate the day to day effort that the Alpi Marittime and Mercantour Parks make for conservation. They are fragments, little precious pieces of an extraordinary terrestrial garden to discover, experience and respect. They are a homage to an area that knows no boundaries, a world of rocks that has sheltered people, plants and animals for millennia.

•Edited by: Nanni Villani
•Published by: Parco Naturale Alpi Marittime/Parc National du Mercantour
•Pages: 96
•Size: 21x21cm
•Year: 2006
•Price: 15,00 €

Availability: in bookshops or on-line from Emporio Parchi

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