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Fortifications in Valle Gesso

This volume covers the whole of the Valle Gesso, from the front line of the Alpine watershed up to the rear defences of Andonno. It proposes 17 routes and leads you step by step to discover works, barracks and bunkers.

The paths of varied difficulty and duration are suitable for both military architecture enthusiasts-thanks to original data sheets that accompany each chapter, and for simple hikers intrigued by the topic. Series : Notebooks of the Maritimes/3
By: Roberto Pockaj and Giorgio Garrone
Publisher: Blue Edizioni
ISBN: 978-88-7904-167-6
Pages: 252
Size: 20.5 x 20.5 cm
Year: 2013
Price: €18.00
Availability:** in bookshops and Park visitor and information centers.

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