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Lavender in Valle Gesso

The history of lavender in Valle Gesso is the subject of this first volume of the Marittime Notebooks. In this book edited by Valter Cesana, for the first time the local history of lavender is told. Lavender or isop in occitan, is a pretty flower with an intense perfume and a deep blue colour tending towards violet, which grew and still grows on the Maritime Alps. Here we find that a century ago the slopes of Valle Gesso were blue with lavender and picking and selling this little flower was an important economic and social activity for families and Alpine communities between the mid-nineteenth century and the mid-twentieth century.

Series: Quaderni delle Marittime /1
Edited by: Walter Cesana
Published by: Blu Edizioni
ISBN: 978-88-7904-086-0
Pages: 194
Size: 20,5x20,5 cm
Year: 2009
Price: €15.00

Availability: in bookshops, Park offices and visitor centres or on-line from Emporio Parchi.

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