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Darwin taught us that nature doesn't educate, it selects: culture educates. If we don't start on a cultural learning path, putting the accent on natural processes, if we don't question the language used in these processes, we risk remaining spectators of "little bits of nature" and missing the interconnected relationships.

We understood this long ago at Alpi Marittime Park and the experience we have matured in this protected area over 30 years means that we can offer the various schools and institutions a diversified set of programmes, to correspond to their different educational needs.

The programmes on offer tend to teach sustainability and encourage responsible and proactive behaviour towards the environment. Schools can use the Park as an open air laboratory,this helps in the learning process, integrating specific topics and assisting teachers in their work.

The programmes are tried and tested by the trained and qualified Park staff: in particular rangers and Park Guides, nature guides legally enrolled in the Provincial list of guides and collaborators with expertise in cultural and scientific themes.

Download the Park brochure of offers for schools and find the one that suits you best:
we are waiting for you!

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