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The association Amico Parco

Volunteer work in the Park

Amico Parco volunteers monitoring (A. Rivelli/PNAM).

Parco delle Alpi Marittime through the association Amico Parco, offers the possibility to take part in a number of important environmental and territorial management projects as a volunteer. Volunteering is an opportunity to use your free time for the environment, to learn and gain experience. A chance to see the Park, not as a visitor, but as a protagonist.

Amico Parco was formed in 1999 by a group of "true friends" of the protected area. In 2007, to meet new challenges they formed a voluntary association** registered in the provincial books under the heading "safeguarding and enhancing the environment".

In 2013 Alpi Marittime's Junior Rangers became part of the association. Junior Rangers is a Europarc (the Federation of European protected areas) project for youngsters between 11 and 16. They are guided by Park experts, to have quality, formative experiences and at the same time have fun.

Amico Parco is inspired by the principles of solidarity, civic engagement and social cohesion. It offers the opportunity to get involved in protecting the environment and to participate in the many activities of the largest protected area in ​​Piedmont, working alongside the staff.

Specifically, you can help with surveys and monitoring (e.g. chamois, ibex, grouse, vultures and raptors), the collection of field data, the management of Park facilities and visitor centres, maintenance work (waymarking, trails, infrastructure). The park will provide volunteers with a basic preparation for the activity chosen and the possibility to sleep in the guesthouse or guards' huts.

European citizens of all ages can participate in volunteer projects, depending on the type of work involved. In order to volunteer you must undergo a selection , proving suitability to hold the post applied for, and join the association Amico Parco. Even those who do not fulfill the requirements or can not be physically involved in volunteering, but want to be close to the park, can join the association as 'ordinary members'. Members become part of the 'Park family', participating in social meetings, scientific conferences, excursions, events and exhibitions organised by the Park. The annual membership of Amico Parco costs 15 Euros.

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