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A Europarc Project for young people

Alpi Marittime's Junior Rangers

A Junior Ranger playing an important role in the release of a Bearded Vulture.

Junior Ranger is a Europarc project. Europarc Federation has over 400 members in 35 European countries, and this project was created to give youngsters living in Park areas the possibility to have some good quality, practical and educational experiences that are fun as well, run by experts.

Alpi Marittime Junior Rangers activities target young people living in the Park municipalities, from 11 to 16 years old. The aim is "learn by doing", and to encourage them to share experiences and cooperate in social activities, in order to encourage responsible behaviour in young people towards their environment and cultural heritage.

As of 2013, Alpi Marittime Junior Rangers project participants have been absorbed into Amico Parco, the voluntary association founded in 2007 with the purpose of fostering and promoting the protection and enhancement of nature and the environment of Parco naturale delle Alpi Marittime, so every year young people get the chance to engage in practical activities too .

Download the Junior Ranger membership form.

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