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Volunteers in action on the territory: radiotracking (A. Rivelli/PNAM)

To be a volunteer at Parco naturale Alpi Marittime you have to be a member of the Amico Parco association. This is a legally recognised voluntary organisation formed according to Italian law (11 agosto 1991, n. 266 "Legge quadro sul volontariato") to make the precious collaboration between volunteers and Park easier to manage.

People who join Amico Parco can either be ordinary members or "active volunteers":
-ordinary members can take part in the social life of the organisation (assemblies, meetings, outings and various events) but not in the actual voluntary work, -active volunteers are those who take an active part in Park voluntary work, either through taking on responsibilities put on offer annually by the Park, or by working with Park staff in managing outings, events, evenings and similar activities. These associates are enrolled in a particular list and are insured against risks while carrying out these activities. - Junior Ranger, if you are aged between 11 and 16 and want to take part in the specific activities organised by Amico Parco, con un there is an events calendar packed with nature orientated and recreational stuff for you.

Anyone who undertakes to uphold the statute and the spirit of the association can be a member, if they are deemed fit by the Council. Minors should have written consent from their parents or guardians.

To become a member you have to apply to the association and pay the annual subscription fee of €15, for active and ordinary members, and € 20,00 for Junior Rangers who receive special merchandise and have a dedicated programme.

To play an active part in projects in one of the places on offer every year, you need to candidate yourself for the chosen project by sending an email and a CV to the following address:

A member of Park staff will contact you if more details are needed and to go over the terms of the collaboration. Candidates are chosen on the basis of their curriculum, their suitability to the job and their availability.

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