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What do volunteers do?

Areas of employment

Censuses of animals, paths, springs, open-air activity or not: something for everyone!

Parco Naturale delle Alpi Marittime and Amico Parco give volunteers the opportunity to spend time on various areas of activity, according to their preferences and capabilities. From students to pensioners, from housewives to professionals, everyone can work with the Park applying themselves to whatever they find most fun, interesting or what they do best.

Research and environmental conservation
Volunteers help with research and environmental conservation projects run by the Park: they will work with Park staff, with the rangers and technicians to collect data in the field, carrying out wildlife censuses, botanic, forestry and environmental surveys and also logging collected data. Undergraduate or graduate students with a natural history or environmental studies background are best for this type of work, however people with a predisposition for scientific and field work are also welcome.

Running visitor centres and Park facilities
The volunteers work with Park staff in the running of tourist facilities, at ticket offices, reception and visitor information points and guiding groups. Volunteers will help at: - the wolf area “Uomini e Lupi” di Entracque, - visitor centres at Entracque, Terme di Valdieri and Vernante, - the visitor centre at the ENEL hydroelectric power plant at Entracque, - the botanic gardens “Valderia” at Terme di Valdieri, - the Rye Ecomuseum at Sant'Anna di Valdieri. For this type of work people of any age are suitable, particularly if they like to work with the public, know a foreign language or more and have first hand knowledge of the Park area, or have a good grounding in the specific field of the visitor centre in question, for example someone with knowledge about the local traditional culture at the Rye Ecomuseum.

Tourism and communication
The volunteers will be working with staff in this sector concerning tourism management and monitoring: studies on visitor numbers, questionnaires for tourists, organising events and evening shows, information campaigns, archiving and logging collected data. In this field too, people of any age who like working with the public, and in particular students of tourism and communication sciences are welcome.

Area maintenance
Volunteers will be employed in the fundamental but often underrated work of care and maintenance of the territory, supervised by rangers or technical staff to clear paths and tracks, repairing stone walls and drainage channels, placing signposts and maintaining pic-nic areas. For people of any age who are good at manual and practical jobs, and are willing to do physical work in a mountain environment.

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