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Life as a volunteer

Two volunteers counting migrating birds (A. Rivelli/PNAM)

Unlike those of other famous organisations, Amico Parco volunteers don't normally work in organised "camps", but are included in Park projects individually and become a temporary member of Park staff.

Volunteers coming from outside the valley stay in the guest house where they share a room with another volunteer of the same sex, and share the kitchen and bathrooms with the other guests, independently and responsibly.

Volunteers are usually busy 5 or 6 days per week with a work rota similar to that of the staff they are working with, which may vary according to the type of activity. So, according to the project they are working on, it may be a morning or an afternoon shift ...this may mean getting up rather early, like the Rangers!

In their free time volunteers generally do their household chores, explore the Park, do sport, rest or have fun: in summer in particular there is no shortage of festivities and opportunities to meet up and have a party together. Summer evenings are jam packed with events organised by the Park and the local councils, so volunteers have plenty of opportunities to socialise. But beware: after a few evenings celebrating you might find it hard to be up bright and early "hard" at work with the Rangers!

Volunteers stay for free in the guest house, they have access to a number of services and facilities, including Internet (at the Park offices), but unfortunately they have to fend for themselves for food and transport, often having your own means of transport is essential for certain activities. Amico Parco tries to contribute to these expenses with a lump sum contribution, calculated on the basis of how long the volunteer stays and what activities they are involved in. This is set out in the application form.

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