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A place for the soul

Vei del Bouc

According to the legend, a hermit and his goat rest on the bottom of the lake (A. Rivelli/PNAM).

The legend tells of an old man ("vei" in local dialect) who lived up here alone in this secluded spot with only an old billy goat ("bouc") for company. When the animal died, the old man followed shortly after. The surrounding mountains, saddened by the events covered the two bodies with water, forming a deep lake.

This is a place for the soul, solitary and secluded compared with most of the hiking routes. It lies above San Giacomo di Entracque towards the Cima dell'Agnel and the Sabbione pass. It is a "primordial" place, people have been coming here since the remotest times, as shown by the rock engravings that were found near a stone enclosure at the edge of the lake.

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