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The roof of the Maritime Alps


The Argentera Range (R. Malacrida).

"The nearby massif of Argentera is clear, and we look in admiration at the two superb ridges, the one descending from Corno Stella and the one joined to the Madre di Dio"
Meo Figari, Alpinismo senza chiodi (Climbing without pitons)

The Argentera Ridge, with the South Peak at 3297 metres, is the highest part of the Maritime Alps. It is a majestic group of metamorphic rocks which culminates in a sharp ridge stretching for almost a kilometre from south to north.

The Argentera range is formed of the South Peak, the North Peak (3286 m), Gelas di Lourousa (3261 m) and Monte Stella (3262 m) they create a sort of crown of mountains. On the northern edge of the range rises the unmistakeable shape of Corno Stella (3059 m), once famous as the "inaccessible rock", today the symbol of climbing in the Maritime Alps.

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