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The southernmost glacier in the Alps


Sunset on Caire di Muraion and Cima della Maledia (M. Dotto/PNAM)

"The weather is superb and we couldn't ask for more, the wide panorama that stretches from the Apennines to the distant eastern Alps is a truly grand picture".
Meo Figari, Alpinismo senza chiodi

Unlike Argentera, which is stands apart from the main watershed of the Alpine chain, Monte Gelas (3143 m) lies right on the border between Italy and France. It is the highest point in the French Maritime Alps.

Because of its position it is one of the most interesting destinations in this area, thanks to the exceptional 360° panorama offered by the the summit. The view extends from the sea on the Côte d'Azur to the nearer Argentera and Matto massifs, across to Monviso and the principal summits of the Cottian, Graian and Pennine Alps.

There is considerable snow cover on the northern slopes which often remains all year round, this may be why it has earned the slightly pretentious label the Mont Blanc of the Maritime Alps.

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