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The highest wall in the Maritime Alps

Monte Matto

Monte Mattto, from the west (A. Rivelli/PNAM).

"The snow fields from the Upper Lake to the summit are never rushed, they are climbed in a zig zag right to the top, until you look into the bright void at the bottom of which lies Terme".
Giorgio Bocca, Allora ero immortale

Seen from below the Matto massif (3097 m) counterbalances the Argentera range; the valley looks like it was drawn by a child, hemmed in precisely by two symmetrical mountains. The south-east face of Matto drops away abruptly for almost 1700 metres, offering an impressive view of the valley bottom. A mountain club member in the nineteenth century felt the same way, when he wrote in a journal: "even more surprising is the eastern precipice, indeed the baths at Terme look so close and so directly below the summit that one feels able to throw a stone onto the roof".

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