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Maritime Alps, mountains to dream of

Unmissable corners

An unmissable place, accessible to all: Valasco Plain (A. Rivelli/PNAM)

The Maritime Alps and in particular the Park territory is a mosaic of variegated pieces: breathtaking views, harsh walls, relaxing meadows, lights, colours, atmosphere. It would probably take years to see everything that's worth seeing. Even more if you consider that the same view, the same peak, the same valley can stir different emotions according to the season or the time of day. However, there are some places to see and experience that anyone who wants to get an idea of this corner of the Alps mustn't miss...


A friendly mountain in upper Val Grande

A handful of stone built houses on the edge of an open, grassy amphitheatre that rises to the crest of Pianard. Palanfré is a gentle, friendly mountain.

Pagari refuge and Maledia

The highest refuge in the Maritime Alps

The amphitheatre that opens at the foot of the north-east face of Maledia, below the Pagari glacier, is a fantastic wild place, a symphony of stone and ice.

Lagarot and Lourousa

An area of contrasts in the heart of the Maritime Alps

The Maritime Alps' environment is a world of strong contrasts, perhaps more than other zones in the Alpine chain. Seeing is believing.

Valasco and Valscura

The heart of Parco delle Alpi Marittime

A great plain of pasture, the bottom of a lake transformed into an expanse of green grass in the middle of a basin of broken stones, rocky crags, snowy peaks. The heart of the Park.

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