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An area of contrasts in the heart of the Maritime Alps

Lagarot and Lourousa

The Lagarot and the North Face of Corno Stella (A. Rivelli/PNAM)

The Maritime Alps' environment is a world of strong contrasts, perhaps more than other zones in the Alpine chain. Seeing is believing: it is sufficient to set off along the splendid mule track that climbs the Vallone di Lourousa, first through beech trees then through sparse larches to come out at the lonely Lagarot lake, nestling in a grassy glade.

The water is crystal clear and in it are reflected the severe walls of Argentera, the knife edge ridge of Gelas di Lourousa and the stunning Lourousa gully, a tongue of snow and ice of almost a thousand metres, so straight that it looks like it was drawn, reaching up to the Coolidge pass, access to the North Peak of Argentera.

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