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The highest refuge in the Maritime Alps

Pagari refuge and Maledia

Dawn on Maledia (PNAM archive).

The place name "Maledia" brings to mind a damned place (maledetto): it is said that this was once a fertile place, where three sisters farmed and raised their animals. But one ill-fated day, a local lord fell for one of the sisters and began to court her. He was rebuffed and out of retaliation he evicted the girls from their house. As they walked away the girls uttered a curse directed at the lord, and the green pastures turned to barren rocks covered in snow for most of the year.

In effect, the north-east face of Maledia, a rock wall over three hundred metres tall, towering over the Pagari glacier below it, forms an amphitheatre of rocks and ice which is a fantastic, wild, high mountain environment.

Immersed in this scenery is Federici-Marchesini al Pagarì refuge, from which a wide panoramic view over the western Alps opens up as far as Monte Rosa. A large number of chamois and ibex are found in the vicinity.

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