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From the Colle di Tenda to the Colle della Maddalena

Valleys and Municipalities

Colle di Tenda: where the Marittime Alps begin (

The Maritime Alps territory embraces the part of the Alps between the Colle di Tenda and the Colle della Maddalena, taking in the three valleys that lie on the Italian side of the Maritime Alps Vermenagna, Gesso, and Stura. To be more precise the right side of the Vermenagna valley is in the Ligurian Alps, and the left side of the Stura valley is in the southern Cozie.

A large area of this territory (over 28,000 hectares) is part of the Alpi Marittime Nature Park, the heart of which lies in two branches of the Valle Gesso: the Gesso della Barra and the Gesso della Valletta. The Park touches the municipalities of Aisone, Entracque, Roaschia, Valdieri e Vernante.

These valleys and villages have undergone serious depopulation from the 1960s onwards (in Valle Stura the drop in population reached 75%), but at the same time these are places where the human presence and the tended landscape of the valley bottoms and the higher pastures create a pleasing contrast with the wild nature of the Alpine environment.

Valle Gesso

Like an open hand

Seen from the sky, the Valle Gesso looks like an open hand: the branches of the river Gesso fan out just upstream of Valdieri and disappear into the heart of the crystalline heart of Maritime Alps.

Valle Stura

A road "routo" through the mountains

Valle Stura is the northernmost and largest of the valleys in the Maritime Alps, the valley floor is wide and suited to farming which has continued here more than elsewhere. The valley is 60km long ...

Valle Vermenagna

It takes its name from a flower

It would seem that the name «Vermenagna» derives from Verbena, an unprepossessing flower with exceptional properties. And so it is with the valley, discrete charm, but full of resources. To ...

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