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It takes its name from a flower

Valle Vermenagna

The Cros pinnacles in upper Valle Vermenagna

It would seem that the name «Vermenagna» derives from Verbena, an unprepossessing flower with exceptional properties. And so it is with the valley, discrete charm, but full of resources. To appreciate it to the full it's no good taking the main roads built for fast traffic, you need to take the side roads, to wander through the historic parts of the villages, to stop and discover the local produce, whether the famous vernantin artisanal knives, Troll's beer, stuffed onions cooked Vernante style or wholesome produce from the farmers in the hamlet of Palanfré.

The lower valley has been marked by the quarries, but the upper valley redeems itself quickly with pastures and woods of beech and chestnut. The main valley rises to Limone Piemonte, historic Piedmontese ski resort ski resort, with over 80 km of slopes. From Vernante the Val Grande breaks off, shorter, green and tranquil, don't miss a visit to Palanfré and for sports climbers, the climbing crags. Valle Vermenagna is popular with hikers and horseriders in summer, with cyclists tackling the famous Tenda pass and people just enjoying the fresh air. This has always been a passing place, the Vermenagna valley is the road and rail link between Piedmont and Provence.


A friendly village in mid valley, Vernante is the gateway to the upper Vermenagna valley and the short but enchanting Val Grande. It is famous for being the village of Pinocchio.

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