Vernante murals

One of over 150 murals | APAM Archive, G. Bernardi

Vernante is the only village in the world with murals of Pinocchio. On the walls of the houses of the old part of the village, two local painters (Bruno Carletto called "Carlet" and Bartolomeo Cavallera, called "Meo"), painted over a hundred and sixty murals telling the story of the most famous puppet in the world.

The murals create a suggestive effect and can be admired walking along the streets of the village. At the northern entrance of the village there is a beautiful monument to Pinocchio, the work of local craftsmen, the Bertaina brothers.

But why Pinocchio in Vernante?

The murals are a tribute to the drawings by the painter Attilio Mussino, who lived his last years in the town and whose most important work was the illustration of Carlo Collodi's book"The Adventures of Pinocchio", for the edition commemorating the thirtieth anniversary of its first publication.

In 2005 the Attilio Mussino museum was inaugurated near the parish church in the rooms below the former confraternity (dating back to 1200). The museum aims to preserve and present to visitors the works of the artist left as a gift to the Pro Loco by the illustrator's second wife, Margherita Martini. In the museum there are numerous plates, paintings, sketches, books and magazines illustrated by Mussino; you can also see the illustrated edition of 1911 of Collodi's story, the 1942 edition and the 33 illustrated plates of the last edition published in Il Giornalino in 1952.

In 1978, the village paid tribute to its famous artist by naming the public gardens (of the same year is the monument to Mussino located in these gardens and created by Pietro Dalmasso from Vinsanto) and, in 1989, the primary school.
Vernante also remembers the most famous work of the illustrator with a bas-relief depicting Pinocchio in tears, near the tomb of Mussino in the village cemetery.