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ParcoCard Marittime Marguareis


PARCOCARD Marittime | Marguareis is a fidelity card that makes your visit to the two protected areas easier and you save, too.

Cardholders and a young family member showing their PARCOCARD Marittime | Marguareis at one of the following places will be eligible for the discount or gift indicated below.

Alimentari I Bateur

S. Anna di Valdieri, Via Provinciale 77 - Tel. 0171 976718
PROMO PARCOCARD: 10% discount when you buy groceries for €25 or more

Caseificio Valle Gesso

Entracque, frazione Tetti Rim 14 - Tel. 0171 978575
PROMO PARCOCARD: 10% discount when you spend €10 or more

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