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Points of interest

It is not easy to find another portion of the Alps where the variety and diversity are so stark and immediately noticeable as they are here: this is the main attraction for visitors coming to Parco Naturale delle Alpi Marittime. A variety seen in the multicoloured mosaic made up of the flora and fauna in their natural environment that never cease to amaze and fascinate.

There are also opportunities for cultural visits in the Park, these help you to understand the natural, social and cultural aspects of the protected area better; visits which can be a pleasant moment of relaxation between hikes or after climbing one of the "big mountains" in Alpi Marittime.

Uomini e Lupi Centre

An exciting and moving visit

Can people and wolves live together? Alpi Marittime's Wolf Centre rather than supply visitors with an answer, gives them the opportunity to learn about these animals and their behaviour, to have everything ...

The Rye Ecomuseum

A territory tells its story - the story of a territory

There is no entrance no ticket office, no rooms or paintings and nothing displayed on the walls. This is an ecomuseum: a place where the territory is on display and tells its story.

Valdieri Necropolis

The archeological site and the exhibition

At the foot of a high limestone cliff an ancient burial ground was discovered in Valdieri, it contains a number of tombs with their enclosures.

Valderia Botanic Gardens

The botanic gardens Valderia is located at Terme di Valdieri, in Valle Gesso, right in the heart of the Alpi Marittime. Valderia owes its name to the Viola valderia , an endemic species discovered in ...

Terme di Valdieri

The highest spa in Italy

In the heart of the Park, from the rocks of Monte Matto flow waters whose beneficial properties have been known for centuries: a good way to absolve the pleasurable duty of looking after oneself.

"Luigi Einaudi" Hydroelectric Power Station

A journey into the bowels of Monte Ray

With an output of about 1300 MW, ENEL's “Luigi Einaudi” power station is the largest hydroelectric plant in Italy and one of the biggest in Europe.

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