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A journey into the bowels of Monte Ray

"Luigi Einaudi" Hydroelectric Power Station

The power station and Piastra reservoir (A. Rivelli).

A visit to the information center 'Luigi Einaudi ' , in the municipality of Entracque, allows you to understand the complex operation of the hydroelectric power plants of the upper Gesso valley. It consists of two dams, one at nearly 2,000 meters (Chiotas) the other just over 900 m (Piastra) and the Rovina Lake 1535 metres , situated between the two dams. The three reservoirs are connected to each other by miles of impressive underground pipes through which, at times of increased energy demand, the water flows to spin the turbines in the power station, completely excavated in the rock. At other times, defying the force of gravity, water from the Piastra reservoir is pumped to the Chiotas dam and stored until needed. With an output of about 1300 MW, ENEL's “Luigi Einaudi” power station is the largest hydroelectric plant in Italy and one of the biggest in Europe.

In the Information Center a model, three floors tall, simulates the operation of the pumping system of the hydroelectric plant. A permanent exhibition and audiovisual materials make up the introduction to a fascinating guided tour of the station completely carved into the bowels of Mount Ray, accessed by electric train. The visit is free.

Information centre and 'Luigi Einaudi' power station
Provincial road to San Giacomo, loc. Piastra
12010 Entracque
Tel. 0171 978811

  • Opening times

“Luigi Einaudi” power station
2 January to 5 January: From Monday to Saturday, 9-12 14-16.30
7 January to 30 April: Saturdays 9-12 14-16.30. Other days by appointment (min. 15 people)
2 May to 12 June: From Monday to Saturday, 9-12 14-16.30
13 June to 30 September:From Tuesday to 9-12 14-16.30
1 October to 7 December: Saturdays: 9-12 14-16.30
9 December to 30 December: From Monday to Saturday, 9-12 14-16.30

The visit takes about an hour. To visit the power station please come at least an hour and a half before closing time.

“Luigi Einaudi” information centre
Closed: 31 December, 1 January, Christmas and Easter

2 January to 6 January: Monday to Saturday: 9-13 14-17
7 January to 30 April: Saturdays: 9-13 14-17. Other days by appointment (min 15 people)
1 May to 12 June: everyday 9-13 14-17.
13 June to 30 September: From Tuesday to Sunday: 9-13 14-17. Other days by appointment (min 15 people)
1 October to 5 December: Saturdays: 9-13 14-17. Other days by appointment (min 15 people)
6 December to 30 December: every days9-13 14-17; closed 25 December

Booking: tel. + 39 0171 978811 (in opening hours) or + 39 0171 1740052 (outside opening hours, including Mondays). Email:

Centro informazioni e centrale Enel“Luigi Einaudi"
Strada provinciale per San Giacomo 9, loc. Piastra
12010 Entracque

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