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A territory tells its story - the story of a territory

The Rye Ecomuseum

The Ecomuseum is the territory telling and showing its story (L. Martinelli/PNAM).

Don't expect to find a museum with an entrance and a ticket office: neither rooms nor pictures and no exhibits on the walls. In Sant'Anna di Valdieri this is an ecomuseum: a place where a moving territory tells and shows its story. The Rye Ecomuseum is a network of structures, activities, workshops and events distributed over the territory, born from knowledge and aspirations of the inhabitants of Valle Gesso and grown year after year thanks to the experts, services and the resources made available by Alpi Marittime Park. The idea of the Ecomuseum was born from a Ranger's dream: to restore an ancient footpath between the village of Sant'Anna di Valdieri and the two hamlets of Tàit Bartòla and Tàit Bariao, with their rye straw thatched roofs. Thus was born Lo Viòl di Tàit , 'the path round the hamlets', the first step on a shared path towards renovation and cultural enhancement which found in rye its secret ingredient.

Why a "rye" Ecomuseum ? Rye is a rustic and stubborn enough cereal to survive in the severe climate of the Maritimes. Until the 1950s in the Maritime Alps, this little plant meant not only bread and straw for animal litter, but also an excellent material, being both good insulation and resistant, for the construction of roofs. In other words, rye was good for the belly, good for the stable and good for homes. Indispensible and a staple for food and for life, this precious cereal was the basis of what can be described as a veritable "* *rye civilization**".

Today, in addition to the path Lo Viol di Tàit the shop I bateur in the Centre of S.Anna is also part of the Ecomuseum , as are the hamlets of Bariao and Bartòla, the bread oven where bread making workshops are held in summer, the murals around the village, the event area which hosts the "Rye fair" every year and the more traditional exhibition in the Rye Civilization Museum.

The museum is open all year on request, with the possibility of guided visits.
For information Parco Alpi Marittime 0171 97397, Shop and bar I Bateur, tel. 0171 976718. In summer the Museum is open at weekends and for the two central weeks in August.

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