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Valderia Botanic Gardens

A view of Valderia botanic gardens.

The botanic gardens Valderia is located at Terme di Valdieri, in Valle Gesso, right in the heart of the Alpi Marittime. Valderia owes its name to the Viola valderia , an endemic species discovered in 1780 by the botanist Charles Allioni on the banks of the river Gesso, precisely where the garden stands today. The place, because of its cool, shady climate and the lushness of its vegetation, was equipped with paths and walkways in the nineteenth century: it was the "the English Garden" , perfect for relaxing walks for guests of the nearby spa. The area had been abandoned for a long time, until it was restored by Parco Naturale delle Alpi Marittime in 1990 to house the new botanic gardens.

Today Valderia has about 500 species gathered in fourteen environments which represent the main ecosystems of the Maritime Alps: from limestone rockeries to spruce and fir woods taking in streams, larch woodland, peat bogs and animal enclosures. This approach is designed to respond to the educational and informational purposes of the garden, not only does it make it easy to observe species that you might only encounter in the wild after hours of walking, but it also offers a complete, clear picture of the"plant world" of the Maritime Alps. Besides discovering the characteristics of each flower, there is the additional pleasure of grasping the links between the different plant species as well as between the plants themselves and their surroundings.

The garden also offers an easy nature trail loop, which takes about an hour, 950 meters long and a climb in height of 60 meters. Along this pleasant walk you will find numbered staging points, each of which corresponds to a chapter of the bookletTerme di Valdieri - Nature trail (on sale at the entrance to the gardens). This handy publication helps you to observe the main features of the species present in the mixed deciduous and coniferous forest. The more significant geological and landscape features are also highlighted.

The botanical garden is open from 15 June to 15 September from 10am-6pm. From 16 to 30 September Sundays only from 10am-6pm

Adults : 5 €
Reductions: 4 € under 14 and over 70 years old.

Guided tours can be arranged

For info :
Parco Alpi Marittime: tel. 0171 97397
Information Center: tel. 0171 978616

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