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Shuttle bus and baggage transport

The Valle Gesso shuttle bus service for 2018 will run from Sunday, 24 June to Sunday, 16 September.
It is an eight seater minibus to help you get around the valley, connecting the main villages and points of interest. Download the timetable to see the routes available.
The service is part-financed by the association Ecoturismo in Marittime, to make life easier for hikers and for visitors to see more of the Park without a car.
The service starts from Valdieri, which is served by local buses. (See timetable). Each journey costs between 6 and 12 euros according to the length. The driver offers a 30% discount for groups of 7/8 people or multiples.
The minimum cost of the service is the equivalent of two passengers, (so a person travelling alone would pay twice the cost of a single ticket).
To help manage the system we ask you to book with 36/24 hrs notice. The driver will try to meet your needs according to the buses’ availability.
This is a daytime service between 8.00 and 18.00.
For the public service timetable check orari or
You can also book a luggage transport service, minimum two bags (15kg each) at €8 per bag.
To book: Dario Audisio tel. +39 335.6531024 - 393395755789, for info. + 39 0171.978616.
You can buy tickets directly from the driver.
Outside the time indicated above Audisio in Entracque still provides a service, but the price is not subsidised. You can arrange baggage transport and transport through them, which is useful if you are hiking from one valley to another.
TAXI Service, Dario Audisio
Via G. Marconi, 56
Tel.: + 39 0171 978370; + 39 335 6531024; + 39 339 5755789

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