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Mountain bike

An itinerary in Valle Gesso (G. Bernardi).

The Maritime Alps are especially popular among hikers, and although the morphology is typically harsh and broken, there are a number of routes that are well suited to mountain bikes.

In Valle Gesso the routes are mainly concentrated in the central part, with numerous secondary branches converging on it. There are kilometres of slopes and trails of all levels immersed in extraordinary natural surroundings, valleys and plains with marks etched in them over the centuries by generations of mountain dwellers. The higher destinations, reserved for more experienced, fit cyclists, follow the famous 'King's paths', mule tracks and ex-military roads, masterpieces of military engineering climbing to the open spaces penetrating the wilder spirit of the Marittime.

Even the Vermenagna Valley offers several routes for 'all legs' from the easy path along the valley bottom that connects Robilante and Vernante, to more challenging trails on the sides of the valley. An almost infinite lattice of roads and trails in magnificent chestnut and beech woods leads to quaint villages and hill passes offering sweeping views. In the upper valley, Limone Piemonte has become the reference point for down-hill lovers due to the presence of the ski lifts. The resort also offers several marked routes, and over the Col di Tenda gives access to the old Marenga road leading to the sea and to the cycling trails of the Roya Valley, considered one of the most interesting areas for mountain biking in the Southern Alps.

The Stura Valley , western edge of the Maritime Alps, offers trails and military roads that allow you to reach the highest passes around the Park area without ever getting out of the saddle.

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