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Mountain bike: weekend

Along the military road Valscura-Fremamorta (A. Rivelli).

If you only have a weekend to spend in Marittime, if you like big scenery and you're not afraid of some hard riding with technical difficulties the destinations to suit you are: lower Valscura lake 2274 m and rifugio Ellena-Soria 1840 m. The first route follows an ancient military road, an engineering masterpiece cutting through areas of rare beauty. The second route follows part of a historic link between the Po valley and Provence over the Colle di Finestra. You will be riding at the foot of the southernmost glaciers in the Alps through open meadows grazed by marmots, chamois and ibex.

If you want to pedal, but without overdoing it, climb from Entracque to the charming Suffiet medioeval bridge which spans a narrow gorge, into which the deafening Bousset waterfall pours. For the return journey the track which leads from Tetti Violin to Entracque is great fun. For the second day of your weekend we propose the climb to the panoramic Colla di Prà Rosso 1300 m between the Gesso and Vermenagna valleys.

If you are family with children or simply your idea of mountain biking is a means of transport for getting away from the traffic, an ideal itinerary is from Tetto Bandito to Valdieri and then on to Entracque. Most of the route is on a cycle track or secondary roads, some of it surfaced and some dirt tracks. For the second day you could choose between the Valle Stura cycle route and the Robilante to Vernante cycle track, in Val Vermenagna. The first which climbs up to Prinardo is easy going and particularly pretty in the stretch between Borgo San Dalmazzo (pick up the route in Via dei Boschi) and Demonte. The main street through Demonte has arcades and the parish church of San Donato and palazzo Borrelli are worth a visit. The cycle track in Val Vermenagna runs along the left of the valley through lush woodland. Vernante is on the train line between Cuneo and Nice, so you can catch a train for the return journey.

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