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Along the way to the Lower Valscura lake (L. Martinelli).

An idea for a "trip" around the Park by mtb, lasting several days, is a ring from the plains to the mountains and back.
Starting from Borgo San Dalmazzo 636 m, at the entrance to the three valleys of the protected area.
The first day you climb to Sant'Antonio di Aradolo with a stupendous ride along the crest between the Stura and Gesso valleys, crossing the Colla della Croce 1269 m to begin a fast descent on gravel to Andonno. The next day along the dirt bike trail (pick it up at Tetto Bandit on the provincial road to Roaschia) you reach Valdieri and continue up to Terme di Valdieri 1368 m to stay overnight and for a highly recommended dip in the spa swimming-pool. From Terme you can also go up the Valletta Valley to Pian della Casa 1762 m to see some wildlife and the peaks of the Argentera range.

The third day takes you to Valasco 1760 m and the lower Valscura Lake 2274 m. Drop down to stay in Entracque 904 m, the main tourist resort of the protected area and starting point of several routes on two wheels.

Do not miss 'the ascent' to the view point on Monte Ray: 11 km of bends on a road closed to traffic, it offers a view from the Maritimes to the 4,000 metre peaks of the Valle d'Aosta. Again from Entracque you should not miss the Ponte del Suffiet along the Vallone del Bousset. For the return ride through Trinità di Entracque and Gorge della Reina beyond which a short stretch of "portage" to Passo della Lausa where you have access to a good single track down to Entracque. The last day, take the cycle track to Roaschia and climb to Colla di Prà Rosso 1300 m to descend to Vernante in the Vermenagna Valley. There is a cycle track to Robilante, from here the main road takes you to Borgo San Dalmazzo.

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