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Proposals for hiking in summer 2018

On the "sentieri del re" (the king's paths) and the "Alta Via" (the high route)

The hunting track that climbs to Colletto di Valasco. Photo I. Borgna.

The Kings' high route - Alta Via dei Re

From 15 July to 15 September upon request

The Alta via dei re crosses the Maritime Alps Nature Park in seven stages, taking in many of the unmissable spots in the protected area: the panoramic points, places with the richest wildlife and the most beautiful lakes. Indeed, places “fit for a King”: places which are in some way linked to the House of Savoy, whose members frequented the Gesso Valley for nearly a century. Their presence in the area has left a great heritage of buildings, shooting hides, monuments and above all, the dense network of roads, mule tracks and pathways along which the Alta via runs, from refuge to refuge. The itinerary, a higher altitude alternative to the easier GTA route, in its complete version, has some rough and exposed stretches (Brocan Pass, Passaggio dei Ghiacciai), so you need to be prepared physically and have suitable equipment.

Alta Via dei Re - details

On the king's paths

23 - 26 august 2017
From 15 July to 15 September upon request

During this delightful four day hike in the heart of the Alpi Marittime Nature Park accompanied by an official Park Guide, you will discover the many secrets of this wonderful place. Following a extensive network of mule tracks used by King Victor Emanuel II when out hunting, we will pass through a variety of scenery: glacial lakes, alpine pasture, wild stretches of rocks and scree and relaxing green depressions. Ibex, chamois, marmots, eagles and occasionally a rare bearded vulture (or lammergeier) will acccompany us on this unforgettable adventure. The overnight stays will be in refuges or in comfortable hostels. It is possible to organise luggage transport and lunches in the refuges along the way, which means you can travel with a light day-pack and fully enjoy the beauty of nature. The paths run at heights between 1300 m and 2500 m, and are relatively easy going for accustomed hikers.

On the King's paths - details

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