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Tourism in Alpi Marittime Park

Tourists visiting the Valderia gardens (L. Martinelli).

The Park is the ideal destination for an active holiday, a place to alternate short walks and relaxing in the open, with visiting historic villages, museums and the visitor centres spread over the territory.
In the latter category in Entracque we have the two parts of the wolf centre Centro Uomini e Lupi (one in the village and one at Casermette), and the power station visitor centre Centro visita e informazioni dell’Enel, by the Piastra dam.

The municipality of Valdieri has three permanent exhibitions: one in Andonno “Il Tabas" (life and crafts of other times), in Valdieri itself the Necropolis Museum and archeological area (Bronze and Iron age finds), in Sant'Anna the Rye culture museum; at Terme di Valdieri you can visit the splendid Valderia botanic gardens, linked to the Park visitor centre.

In Vernante the main streets in the old part of the village are decorated with murals telling the story of Pinocchio, there is also a museum dedicated to the marionette in the former confraternity. In a Park, however, particularly in the mountains one goes to enjoy open spaces. For those who want to relax, we suggest stopping at one of the picnic areas: Terme (where the spa offers the possibility of swimming in the sulphurous thermal pool), Sant’Anna, Lago Rovine, Piastra, San Giacomo, the Sports Centre in Entracque (which also has a swimming pool). For those who want to keep moving, there are numerous walks, both long and short (see the "Walking" section).

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