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Tourism: one week

The central fort of the defences at the Colle di Tenda (G. Bernardi).

This is a rough idea of how to spend a week in the Park, taking in the main villages.

In Valle Vermenagna, a day like the one described above: the village of Vernante, followed by Palanfré (ancient beech wood), if time permits, a visit to Limone Piemonte and to the Colle di Tenda forts.

Historically, the Valle Gesso has always been the heart of the Park. You could spend two days in the Valdieri area, one visiting the village, (the bronze-age burial ground and museum) and Sant’Anna (the rye ecomuseum, and theme trail Lou Viol di Tait), and the other in the Terme area (botanic garden, Valderia, Park visitor centre, thermal baths, walks). You can dedicate two days to Entracque, one in the village, (People and Wolves visitor centre, swimming pool and sports centre) a drive up to Rovina lake (you can fish here); the next day at the People and Wolves enclosure at Casermette, the “Luigi Einaudi” hydro-electric power station, San Giacomo d’Entracque with a walk (see the former royal hunting lodges, the Barra and Moncolombo valleys).

Finally the Stura valley, you could spend the day between discovering the caves in Aisone, and visiting the fort at Vinadio with its "Moving Mountains" exhibition.

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