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Tourism: weekend

The medieval fountain dedicated to S. Antonino Martire in Entracque (A. Rivelli)

Day one: visit Valderia, the botanic garden at Terme di Valdieri take the nature trail that winds its way through the gardens. Or, you could walk up to the Valasco plain and visit the ex-royal hunting lodge which houses a permanent exhibition on the royal hunts in Valle Gesso.
The afternoon could be spent discovering the Rye Ecomuseum in Sant'Anna di Valdieri. Day two: a drive up to Lago Rovina or San Giacomo where you can see a royal hunting lodge, now used as a holiday home, with some monumental beech trees in front of it. We suggest the short and easy walk up to Pra del Rasur (about 1 hr) to see the Gelas and Clapier glaciers. You can round the day off with a walk through the historic centre of Entracque, with its many fountains, some of them medieval and a number of important religious buildings. Don't miss the People and wolves centre.

If you would like to go further afield, or if you are staying in Valle Vermenagna, you could combine one of the days described above, which are centred on the Valle Gesso, with an excursion to Palanfrè with a short walk to the monumental beech wood, and in the afternoon visit Vernante with its murals depicting scenes from Pinocchio.

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