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Walking in the Park

The climb to the Federici Marchesini al Pagarì refuge. (A. Rivelli/PNAM).

The Park territory offers visitors a wide choice of itineraries. Many of the routes are along tracks that were once mule tracks for hunting or military paths and roads. These are masterpieces of engineering worth a visit in their own right, and thanks to the planned maintenance and rehabilitation by the Park and other territorial organisations, they have been kept in good condition. They offer visitors, including families with young children, the opportunity to hike through most of the valleys that make up the Park. The signposting is as unobtrusive as possible, but is well distributed and provides useful indications.
Many destinations, usually lakes and passes can be reached in a day starting from the valley bottom. There are about ten refuges higher in the mountains, making it possible to undertake longer climbs or to hike through the Park.

A selection of the main routes in Marittime can be found on the Park's website in the Italian protected areas' portal while the transboundary portal Marittime Mercantour gives you the main routes running through both protected areas, noting the main features of interest (scenic, historic, wildlife, botanic, etc.)

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