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Hiking: a week

As an alternative to a series of day outings, or staying a night at a refuge, you could try walking from refuge to refuge.
Alpi Marittime Park is crossed by the Grande Traversata delle Alpi: in 6/7 stages you can do the whole stretch from Limonetto (served by public transport from Limone, at the train station on the Cuneo-Nice line) to Rifugio Malinvern in Valle Stura (considering the difficulty of getting back from here, we suggest closing the loop at Terme di Valdieri, adding on a final stage, a circular walk from and returning to the spa at Terme via Valasco, this is one of the most beautiful parts of the area).

Four stages of the Via Alpina also work their way through the Park from Colle di Finestra to Colletto di Valscura; the itinerary crosses over from the neighbouring Mercantour Park in France and follows the GTA path.

Over recent years Parco delle Alpi Marittime has been working with refuge managers to promote the spectacular Alta via dei re (the Kings' high path), this path leads through the higher part of the park offering a more testing alternative to those mentioned above (stretches off the beaten track on rougher terrain). It takes seven days, starting from Sant’Anna di Valdieri and arriving at San Giacomo di Entracque, you touch on all the "unmissable" spots in the protected area. This beautiful hike is suitable for people who are fit, experienced walkers. Every year the Park and refuge managers also organize a guided Alta via dei re occompanied by Nature and Alpine Guides.
Information: tel. 0171 97397;

Among the many circular routes on offer, one is worth particular mention. The transboundary itinerary that links the Wolf Enclosures in Entracque and in Saint-Martin-Vesubie. There are two proposals, the “long” version (seven stages), called the Trekking del lupo.
The "short" version sets off from the Uomini e Lupi Wolf Centre di Entracque leading to San Giacomo di Entracque, and from there on to: Rifugio Soria, Colle delle Finestre, Boreon (Alpha Wolf Centre), Colle di Ciriegia, Terme di Valdieri. Three days' walk, on easy paths suitable for families, which means you can visit the two Centres in the Southern Alps dedicated to the return of this predator to these mountains.

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