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population: 253
height above sea level: 834 m

Aisone basks in the sun on the slopes below pine and larch covered ridges. The climate is so favourable that in some plots even grapes can ripen. The old centre of the village retains a pretty Romanesque bell tower and a renaissance font. At nearby Morra you can see the remains of an acqueduct with stone arches dating back to mediaeval times. Above the village, there are numerous natural caves, used as prehistoric shelters (4800-3500 B.C). The caves are visible from the road and can be reached with a short walk in the Rio Borbone valley: after the turn off for Piron take a dirt road off to the right that leads you into an enchanting depression surrounded by rock walls and towers. Part of the Aisone area is in the Alpi Marittime Nature Park, and there is a multi-functional structure in the village, the Taverna delle Grotte, which is both a visitor centre and a shop/cafe. Today Aisone is best known for cross-country skiing and Occitan music: the cross-country ski centre and bar caters for both tastes...

don't miss
the parish church of the Nativity, the Village Commander's House, the mediaeval acqueduct, the Santa Croce chapel, the caves (Grotte di Aisone) and the Taverna delle Grotte

in winter: nordic skiing, excursions with snow shoes
in summer: hiking or MTB

useful numbers and addresses
contacts: Comune di Aisone tel. 0171 95751 - fax 0171-956607

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