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The village of Roaschia on a beautiful summer's day (archivio PNAM).

inhabitants: 155
height above sea level: 822 m The centre of Roaschia - narrow streets, open courtyards - is at the bottom of a lateral valley closed in by high peaks: wonderful for cool summers, frighteningly cold in winter. In the past, because the morphology and climate were so severe, the inhabitants spread themselves over 52 outlying hamlets, scattered over the better exposed warmer slopes. Many of these places are now deserted, but are wonderful examples of alpine architecture with rye thatched roofs. Roaschia was the home of generations of the famous transhumant shepherds for a long time. These shepherds were forced to move continually between mountains and plains in search of pasture as there was never enough in the village. One of the most important events in the village is the Interprovincial Roaschina sheep breed fair, which is held in spring and autumn, dedicated to promoting the breed and local dairy produce. A short way from the village, limestone puts on a show: at the Dragonera springs water flows copious from the rocks, whilst a little further down you will find the Grotte del Bandito caves, which are now part of a Nature Reserve included in the Parco delle Alpi Marittime.

things to see
the parish church of San Dalmazzo, the sundials and frescoes around the village, the Dragonera springs, the Grotte del Bandito, and the rye thatched roofs in the hamlets.

in winter: excursions with snow shoes, ski mountaineering.
in summer: hiking and MTB, sport climbing.

useful numbers and addresses
contacts: Comune di Roaschia 0171 758119 - fax 0171 758188

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