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A village and its hamlets


Valdieri seen from the Infernotto Valley.

inhabitants: 966
height above sea level: 774 m

Spread out in the sun like a colourful tapestry, the medieval village of Valdieri stretches beneath the imposing limestone cliff of Rocca San Giovanni-Saben. Just behind the village you will find the Nature Reserve of the same name. The Reserve has the northernmost specimens of phoenician juniper, a typically mediterranean plant.
Ancient traditions, rediscovered festivities and new events mark the seasonal calendar of this little village and its hamlets. At Carnival time the Rye Bear comes out of hibernation, at the beginning of August there is the smell of lavender in the air in Andonno, with the Ai temp d'izòp festivities, on the third Sunday in August the star of the show is rye again, with workshops, courses, stalls and music at Sant'Anna di Valdieri, the only village in the Park that is inhabited all year round. To move into autumn as pleasantly as possible, there is dancing in September with witches and wild people, whilst the first Sunday in October is the time to try garun, the local roast chestnuts.
Some of the most enchanting walks in the Park are in the Valdieri area, they lead to the most famous views, the most sought after peaks and the best hidden and charming corners of the Maritime Alps. Hidden deep in the upper Gesso valley are thermal springs known since ancient times, where you can recuperate in the large complex that Vittorio Emanuele II had built.

things to see
The parish church of S.Martino, the village fountains, the Lovera family house, the sanctuary at Madonna del Colletto, the Protohistoric Necropolis, the Necropolis museum housed in the Resistance and Territory Museum, the museum of ancient crafts and ethnographic museum at Andonno, the Rye Ecomuseum and the cultural trail 'Lo viol di tàit' at Sant'Anna di Valdieri, the hunting lodges, the spa and botanic gardens "Valderia" at Terme di Valdieri.

in winter: cross-country skiing, downhill and ski mountaineering, snow shoe excursions.
in summer: mountaineering and sport climbing (Andonno), fishing, hiking and MTB.

useful numbers and addresses
contacts: Comune di Valdieri 0171 97109 - fax 0171 97149

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