Endemic species of the Southern Alps

Species with a wider distribution

Thlaspi rotundifolium | Archive APAM, G. Pallavicini

Endemisms of the Southwest Alps

  • Senecio balbisianus DC. : endemism with fragmentary distribution, found in the Park in a single station in the Assedras valley (Pian della Casa);
  • Jovibarba allionii (Jordan et Fourr) D.A. Webb : relatively frequent in rocky and stony areas partially covered with grass between 1400 and 2000 metres above sea level (Vallone della Barra, Vallone della Meris)
  • Primula marginata Curtis: a typical species of limestone cliffs, it can also be found sporadically on siliceous rock in the Argentera massif.
  • Veronica allionii Vill. : sporadically appears in the acidic alpine and subalpine pastures of the Alpi Marittime.
  • Allium narcissiflorum Vill. : a limestone species exclusive to the scree slopes between 1500 and 2300 metres, it is sporadic in the Maritime Alps.
  • Campanula alpestris All.: limestone species, grows in the fine debris of the Alpine belt between 2000 and 2500 metres. Limited to the Val Grande sector, it is to be considered rare in the Park territory.
  • Gentiana villarsii (Gr.) Ronninger: it is a silicicolous species widespread in the pastures and in the bushes of the crystalline massif of Argentera between 1500 and 2400 metres.
  • Teucrium lucidum L.: a widespread species on the rocky, sunny slopes of the Park's sedimentary rocks, it does not exceed 1500 metres in altitude.
  • Fritillaria tubaeformis/ G. et G. Variety Moggridgei Boiss et Reuter: endemic to the Ligurian, Maritime and Southern Cottian Alps, it is fairly widespread locally in calcareous pastures between 1500 and 2000 metres (Val Grande and Vallone del Sabbion.

Endemisms of the Western Alps

  • Hugueninia tanacetifolia (L.) Rchb.: grows in grassy, stony wetlands.
  • Centaurea uniflora Turra: it is common in pastures between 1500 and 2500 metres, where it forms a typical association with Festuca paniculata.
  • Achillea herba-rotta All.: silicicolous endemism of the Western Alps, it is common in the stony, rocky pastures of the Maritime Alps.
  • Saxifraga diapensioides Bellardi: this is a rare rocky limestone species and is present in very localised stations in the Maritime Alps.

Endemic entities of infra-specific rank (subspecies and varieties)

  • Thlaspi rotundifolium (L.) Gaudin varietà limosellaefolium Burnat: this is an exclusive endemism of the siliceous screes of the Maritime Alps. The more common species is found on calcareous screes.
  • Saxifraga lingulata Bell. subsp. lantoscana Boiss et Reuter: an infra-specific endemism exclusive to the limestone cliffs of the Maritime Alps.

    Ligurian-Provençal Endemisms

      The following species are confined to the hottest environments of the cliffs and rocky pastures of the Rocca San Giovanni Saben Reserve:
    • Campanula macrorrhiza Gay ex Dc.
    • Carduus litigiosus Nocca et Balbi
    • Crocus versicolor Ker-Gawl

    Alpine-Western and Apennine endemic species

    • Cephalaria alpina (L.) Schrader
    • Hieracium tomentosum (L.) L.
    • Saxifraga lingulata Bellardi
    • Leucanthemum ceratophylloides (All. Nyman)
    • Campanula stenocodon Boiss. et Reuter
    • Carex tent (D.) Pawl.
    • Oreochloa seslerioides (All.) Richter
    • Dianthus furcatus Balbis