The roof of the Maritime Alps

Sunset on Argentera | R. Malacrida

The neighbouring massif of Argentera stands apart with the two superb ridges which we admire, the one that descends from Corno Stella and that which belongs to the Madre di Dio.

Bartolomeo Figari, Alpinismo senza chiodi

The Serra dell'Argentera, whose south peak reaches 3297 metres, is the highest point in the Maritime Alps. It is a majestic complex of metamorphic rocks that culminates with a sharp ridge running for almost a kilometre, from south to north. The Serra dell'Argentera with the South Peak, North Peak (3286 m), Gelas di Lourousa (3261 m) and Monte Stella (3262 m) form a crown of mountains.

On the north side of the ridge emerges the unmistakable shape of Corno Stella (3059 m), once famous as an "inaccessible fortress", today an icon for climbers in the Maritimes.